An Engineer, and a Nascent Entrepreneur. Co-Founder, Executive Officer, and BRAIN at Alpas Technology Pvt. Ltd. My head isn't big, but my close people calls me a GOOD THINKER.

I have a working experience of more than 5 years with diverse group of people and different companies. Have an idea? Or, Need to grow your Business? I'm available with a whole bunch of wild innovative and creative team. Goto next section to know more.


Proud Co-Founder of Alpas Technology Pvt. Ltd.

I have good working experience as a Scrum Master, Business Analyst, Marketing Analyst at differet companies. The major work that I do is: THINKING.

Checkout the works done by our team at Alpas Technology Pvt. Ltd. Believe me, our team does everything.


You obviously must be searching to design a website, or develop a web and mobile application. Alpas Technology is here for you to help you with the services that will take you and your business the next curve.

Unlike other IT companies, we just don't design a website that the we like. We design according to your choice, your personality, and attitude.